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How To Tomato Shop In The Technological Age

Although a good number of people have had the experience of having all they've ever wanted in life, others have not had such privilege. For me personally, I didn't get my hands on everything that I wanted. Funny thing is didn't even know what a tomato was supposed to taste like.

From my memory, the tomatoes I came in contact within my early childhood were large, round, and aesthetically pleasing. But in terms of taste, they weren't very good.

It wasn't until I grew up that I had my first good tasty experience of a tomato. In our South Florida backyard, we had lots of trees and fruits, but we never had tomato plants.

Growing up, I didn't know they were classified as a fruit. I always thought it was a vegetable. But we learn every day, and I quickly learned tomatoes are fruits and not vegetables.

I still remember the taste of a delicious tomato. I had a couple of years ago. That sweet sensation is imprinted in my mind and taste buds, and it is this experience I replay in my head whenever I eat a tomato.

Whenever I go for tomato shopping, I always take my time to go over the quality of the tomatoes. The texture, color, and tenderness are some of the qualities I look out for. I would instead not buy tomatoes than buy a watery one. Any tomato I get has to meet my taste.

Because of the way I like my tomatoes, I have found it challenging to buy tomatoes online. Even I consider myself a consistent online shopper when it comes to intangible products, I still find it challenging to get tomatoes online.

Tomatoes and I have a personal relationship. So I take extra care in selecting my products. Buying them is a delicate decision, compared to purchasing other produce.

Tomatoes taste better when they are tender. Sometimes I don't always get the best, and in those cases, I have to make do with what I have.

I also know the appearance, and color has nothing to do with flavor. I have seen freshly colored tomatoes taste bad, and I have seen some strange colored tomatoes taste delicious.

Sometimes I accept an OK produce, and I have to make do with what I have. But I rarely compromise on my tomatoes.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed my shopping habits, and I have had to adjust to the changing times. I have gone to great lengths to procure my tomatoes produce. I tried buying online at the peak of the coronavirus, but I couldn't bring myself to it. I know there are several stores that have great products. However, I am still apprehensive despite all the reassurances that I can get tasty and delicious tomatoes online.

Nevertheless, I still suspect that one of these days, I will end up getting my tomato produce online. Wish me luck.