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Unveiling The Reason Why Tomatoes Crack

It is that time of the year when tomatoes start to crack for no reason at all. Well, to find out why, we got in touch with a Biology professor and renowned tomato expert, Karen Kackley-Dutt, to give us a clear reason why tomatoes easily crack this time of the year.

The professor from Penn State Lehigh Valley said the bulk of the answer is from the weather.

"Tomatoes typically grow during the dry weather periods of the summer. During certain stages of their growth process, they come in contact with water. Now, the tomatoes have nothing else to do than to suck in as much water as possible. The tomatoes are practically overeating," Kackley-Dutt says.

Due to the large volume of moisture and rapid rate of expansion, the skin of the tomato breaks, thus leading to a crack.

To minimize cracks and breaks, Kackley-Dutt also provides a number of helpful tips:

  • • Mulching
  • • Allow your tomatoes to ripen off the vine
  • • Pull them from the plant before you notice any cracking
  • • Ensure you maintain an even moisture rate
  • • Make sure you water the plants evenly.